I'm currently managing my own listing. Can you take it over?

Of course! Contact us via the online form and we will get you up and running in no time – Handsfree!

Do you offer your services Australia wide?

Currently, we offer our services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney.


Do you have a minimum service period?

We aim to deliver only the highest standard of service. To do this, we invest heavily in each and every one of our clients. This investment makes it not viable for us to offer our services for less than 90 days. If 3 or more months suits you fill out our on-line form and get started today!

What does the cleaning team do? Does this include cleaning the oven and other appliances, if required? What is the extent of external cleaning that you will undertake?

The internal cleaning will include the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, dishwashing, bedrooms including linen and consumables, floors and countertops. We provide basic and limited supplies to the guests on their arrival, like toiletries and kitchen essentials, e.g. Shampoo, Shower gel, toilet rolls, tea, coffee, sugar and more.

Cleaning doesn’t include windows unless to be classified as tidying fingerprints and balcony floors are excluded. External areas are tidied up and tables wiped.

Appliances, e.g. fridge, dishwasher, etc will be checked and cleaned, however, appliances like ovens build up more dirt over time and require a thorough clean or carpets, rugs or upholstery may require steam cleaning. This can be arranged at additional costs which are not part of the standard clean – think “Spring Clean”. If this is necessary our team will provide you with info and costs to acquire approval before proceeding.

I have never listed on Airbnb, can you get me online and hosting?

Absolutely, contact us via the online form and we will get you up and running in no time – Handsfree!

I have an empty apartment; do you offer design services or can you furnish it for me?

Yes, we do! Airbnb Handsfree will supply and deliver everything you need to get up and running, We have in-house interior designers that will tailor-make a package just for you, simply contact us and we will put someone in touch with you.

Is Airbnb Handsfree insured should guests damage my property or if things are missing?

Insurance for damaged and stolen property is covered by Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance, which will cover up to $1,000,000 AUD for any damage or stolen items caused by a guest.

Generally, a short-term rental/landlord insurance should be held by all of our hosts in addition to the protection.

We can’t give any specific advice on insurers, kind of cover or policies, name any specific features, inclusions or exclusions for any insurances or comment on quotes, etc. This is always depending on individual circumstances and an insurance broker should be consulted.

Does Airbnb Handsfree provide 24/7 service?

For sure! Host response time to guest enquiries greatly affects your listing’s ranking. We guarantee to respond to all enquiries within 1 hour (usually more like a few minutes) no matter what time of day or night. Furthermore, we understand that life happens! If your guest needs help at 2am we are always just a message away.

Can you communicate with guests under my name?

If you would like us to respond in your name, that is possible. However, our default (and what most of our customers request) is to open up guest communication by introducing ourselves under our own names and then indicating that we help you (the host) with your Airbnb. We find that if guests know you have a dedicated support team, they feel free to get in touch with questions or concerns at any time.

Can I use Airbnb Handsfree if I rent – not own – a property?

As far as ownership specifications, Airbnb Handsfree operates within Airbnb terms and conditions. On this topic, Airbnb invites anyone and everyone to list all types of properties. This applies to renters, too, as far as using Airbnb, but it may be a good idea to review your contract or double-check with your landlord that it’s okay to accept Airbnb guests.

My property is listed on other sites besides Airbnb. Can Airbnb Handsfree prevent double bookings?

Yes! Many of our customers list their properties on multiple platforms, so this is no problem at all.

I’m going overseas and need to be totally handsfree. Are there any things that I will need to do?

At Airbnb Handsfree, we pride ourselves in giving hosts a truly handsfree experience, so whether you need a new kettle or the gutter cleaned, we will arrange it for you! The only thing we ask is that you don’t worry about a thing and enjoy your time away!

I have a trusted handyman or maintenance team doing gardening for my property. Will you be able to liaise with them?

Yes, we certainly can if provided with details and introduction and can communicate to guests where required.

Will Airbnb Handsfree increase the amount of money I earn from my listing?

Yes, we will. In some instances, we increase rental returns by up to 40% through our optimisation services.

What’s involved in your optimisation services?

There are two main goals for optimisation:

  1. Getting the highest price for your nightly rate: We use specialised software that tracks the ACTUAL peaks and troughs of supply and demand for properties just like yours in your area, so we know when to raise the price and when to drop the price. When setting your prices (reviewed daily) we also factor in the day of the week, time of year, local events and your own availability.
  2. To optimise the number of views your listing receives: Some of the methods we employ to ensure high search optimisation are; conducting daily price changes, constant calendar updates, we ensure all guest enquiries are answered within 60 min, maximise your page likes and support instant book.

What is the cancellation policy for guests?

Under every Airbnb cancellation policy, a guest can receive a full refund of the Airbnb service fee within 48 hours of booking. The cleaning fees will also be refunded when the accommodation fees are refunded.


This option is the most lenient for hosts, where a guest is permitted to request a full refund within a limited period. In order to receive a full refund of the accommodation fees, the guest must request a cancellation at least 24 hours before the listing’s local check-in time.

If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the check-in is supposed to take place or after check-in, the first night of the stay won’t be refunded, however, a full refund for any remaining days will be issued.


The Moderate cancellation policy is slightly stricter but still leaves guests with a way to get a refund. Under this policy, a guest must cancel at least 5 days prior to check-in for a full refund of the accommodation fees.

If a guest cancels within 5 days of the check-in date, then the first night of the booking will not be refunded and only 50% of the accommodation fees for the rest of the booking will be refunded. If the guest decides to cancel after check-in, 50% of the accommodation fees for any unspent nights are refundable and any nights spent will not be refunded.


For the Strict version of the Airbnb cancellation policy, a guest can receive a full refund of the accommodation fees if they cancel the booking at least 14 days prior to the check-in time for the booking.

A guest will only receive a 50% refund of the accommodation fees if the cancellation is made at least 7 days prior to the check-in time for the booking. If this is not done then no refund will be given at all and no refund is given if a guest decides to cancel after check-in.

What makes Airbnb Handsfree different from other Airbnb management services?

We could tell you how all of the team here at Airbnb Handsfree have travelled the globe and have been guests many times over and that we know exactly what guests want, but many other management companies have a similar story.

The main difference is not what we do but how we do it. There are a million and one ways things can go wrong and it takes clever systems and procedures to ensure all bases are covered, always.

Having a background in Hospitality, Tourism and Operations Management our Company CEO has created a heavily systems focused and technology-driven backend. The flow-on effect of this is that our business and ultimately the management of your home runs like a well-oiled machine.

So although from the outside there may not appear to be large differences between companies, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

There are many competitors out there but rest assured none of them run their operations as smoothly, precisely and hassle-free as we do. With Airbnb Handsfree you will enjoy a truly handsfree experience.

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