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3 simple property upgrades to help attract five-star guests

As a property owner interested in listing your home on Airbnb, you’ll want it to attract five-star guests. These high quality travellers aren’t just courteous users of your property and possessions, they’re also more likely to leave a great review and rating which will help your listing rocket up the charts. And while you’ve got Airbnb Handsfree to do most, if not all of the work for you such as managing your bookings and housekeeping as your Airbnb property manager, there are a few simple property upgrades you can make beforehand to help attract those top-notch guests.


Create a home away from home

Your potential guests aren’t looking to book just another stock-standard hotel room so providing a comfortable and homely vibe throughout the entire property is key to attracting a five-star guest. Cheap and really effective guest pleasers include throws or blankets in the lounge room and keeping the pantry well-stocked with all the basics so that your guests feel as though they’re at home in your property. And while you might choose to store away your family photos, you can add a bit of personality to your property with small trinkets and quirky home decor accessories. If you want to go that little bit further, you can set aside a weekend for a quick renovation and freshen up your walls with a lick of paint.


Update your appliances all around the home

It’s also worth spending a little bit of money and run a household appliance refresh. You can start small by upgrading old, outdated kitchen appliances like the kettle or toaster and move onto bigger investments such as a coffee machine, which for some top-rated travellers, could be a real dealmaker or dealbreaker. Heading into the cooler months, it’s also a good idea to make sure your air conditioner and heaters are in top working condition. The best part is, this won’t just attract the best guests possible, but newer appliances are generally more energy efficient which means you could save on your energy bill over the long run.


And don’t forget to make sure your Wi-Fi is up to speed, especially for overseas guests who are probably used to faster download speeds than we get down here in Australia. Slow or unreliable Wi-Fi is one of the most frequently left complaints in Airbnb reviews and could deter the kind of guests you want staying at your home.

Sell the outdoor experience

Similarly to the kitchen, an outdoor living area can really set your property apart from a hotel room plus if you’re on vacation you want to be outdoors as much as possible. So it’s definitely worth taking the time to spruce up your backyard. Make the most of Australia’s pleasant year round climate, especially in cities like Sydney or Brisbane by giving your guests the option of some alfresco dining with a BBQ, comfortable seating and a well-lit outdoor area. If you’re listing an apartment instead, in my experience, even just a couple of comfortable chairs along with some low maintenance pot plants can be cost-effective additions that really set your listing apart from others. While you’re here, check out your Airbnb property manager’s blog on the common characteristics of their most successful rentals.


About the Aurthor:

Steve Jovcevski is mozo.com.au’s in-house property expert who has an extensive portfolio of his own. With his passion for housing and styling trends, Steve is full of practical tips to help homeowners make the most of their own properties in both the rental and Airbnb markets

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