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5 Reasons Why Investing in Professional Photographs Will Boost Your Airbnb Revenue

Let’s be honest—we all know that we are living in a visually driven society. Studies have proven that individuals will remember significantly more from viewing an image than they will from reading a description about it. A well-shot photograph can tell a story in an instant, which is why professional photos of your Airbnb rental are a worthwhile investment.

While today’s technological advancements with camera phones and filters mean that just about anyone is capable of shooting a beautiful picture, a well-trained professional photographer provides subtle details that can make huge differences in how your guests view your listing. Let’s look a little deeper into a few ways that professional photographs can make a big impact on your bookings—and, in turn, on your income as a short-term vacation rental owner.

1. They back up your claims.

A good photo of your vacation rental should reinforce the description you have provided about your available space. For example, if you claim your home is the “perfect cozy and romantic weekend getaway,” showing a few pictures of your luxurious hot tub or your rustic and charming fireplace backs up your claim and shows your guests that you are an honest host.

A beautifully staged picture pulls guests into your home and encourages them to imagine what a stay at your place can look and feel like. Portray the ambiance of a warm and inviting home, or a chic and modern penthouse, and watch your bookings soar. And don’t forget to include a few pictures of interesting things located within close proximity to your rental—whether that is a five-star restaurant, a peaceful lake, or even the ocean.

2. They don’t overlook the details.

With top-of-the-line equipment, the latest and greatest editing software, and years of experience, a professional photographer can see and portray the extraordinary, even when shooting everyday subjects. They will work with you towards your ultimate goal of increasing bookings by maximizing your space and aesthetic. With a deep understanding and appreciation of how important lighting is, and a working knowledge of different camera lenses and settings, a professional will bring out the small details that a lot of amateur eyes may overlook to create an artistically captured experience.

3. They portray professionalism.

Think about it—a professional and polished Airbnb listing with well-written descriptions of your home and artistically captured pictures will portray to your guests not only that they are staying in a beautiful and well-care-for home, but also that they are staying with a professional and thoughtful host. By investing in professional photographs that really capture your unique home, you are encouraging guests to invest in you and a stay in your rental.

4. They set expectations.

Similar to reason number three, professional photographs send a message to your guests that they will be staying in a clean, pristine and well-cared-for home. This sets an unspoken expectation that your guests will treat this home with respect, and leave it as clean and beautiful as they found it.

5. They provide a competitive edge.

The short-term rental market is exploding, and there are likely hundreds of homes that your listing is competing against. On average, a potential guest is only looking at your posting for a few moments before browsing on to the next possibility. This means you only have a few moments to impress upon your readers that your home is far superior to others—and professional photographs are the perfect way to give you that competitive edge.

When you are ready to engage a professional photographer, here are a few tips to prepare for the shoot. First, ensure your home is already clean and staged for your photo shoot before the photographer arrives. Remember, you are hiring a photographer, not a cleaning service. Second, make sure you are ready for an influx of bookings. Rental owners have found their bookings and revenue to nearly double within a few days of posting professional photos, so be prepared to take on the extra inquiries and reservations.

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