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6 Insiders Tips to Get Picture-Perfect Photos of Your Airbnb Rental

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with today’s visually stimulated and technology-driven world, this statement could not be more true. Gone are the days of taking a few quick snapshots of your home and enticing people to stay with you because your place appears to be “good enough and affordable.” Welcome to the new world, where professional photography is the expected norm.

According to veterans of the Airbnb industry, photos are the number one most persuasive aspect of your listing that attracts potential renters. If well executed, a photo can be the deal-breaker that converts an Airbnb browser into your next guest. So to help you make your photo collection as competitive as possible, here are some unexpected but very useful tips to maximize your listing, attract more guests and increase bookings.

1. LIGHTS! Camera, action!

As a simple rule, a well-lit room will always appear to photograph more professionally than a dimly lit space. Great lighting helps to set off a room’s natural depth and contrast, and highlights the colors of your property. A room should always be photographed with all window treatments (blinds, curtains, etc.) open to allow in as much natural light as possible.

An insider tip that most layman photographers forget is to ensure you turn on all indoor lights as well, even if your photo shoot is being done during daytime. By turning on all indoor lights, you will do away with dark corners in your photo, making your room appear bigger and brighter. This tip is even more important in bathrooms and kitchens, which often do not have significant amounts of naturally occurring sunlight.

2. Think corners, not walls.

When staging your pictures, approach your vantage point from an angle, highlighting the corners of a room rather than shooting a flat wall. This gives your viewer a unique point of view, and boosts the photo’s dimensionality. Try taking a few photos from the ceiling looking down or from the floor looking up to add variety and interest to your pictures.

3. Don’t overlook the details.

It is not uncommon to be so focused on capturing all the vital amenities in your photographs that you forget to highlight the personalized and thoughtful details of your home. Remember that little details are often what help ignite your potential clients’ imagination when they begin envisioning themselves at your house for an overnight or weekend getaway. If you have a unique collection or pride yourself in your beautiful backyard vegetable garden, make sure you include these aspects of your home in your photo collection to help tell the full story.

4. Bird’s-eye view.

The most effective way to show off an entire room in one single photo is to use your panoramic setting. If a panoramic setting is not available on your camera, trying using a wide-angle lens to give your viewers a more accurate depiction of room size and layout. By including as much of a room as possible in one photo, it conveys to your viewer that you aren’t trying to hide anything, and encourages them to see you as a more trustworthy and honest host.

5. Portray your lifestyle.

Of course there will be some guests that appreciate the simplicity and practicality of basic photos, but most viewers will be intrigued and more likely to select your home if you can portray an experience associated with your available space. Use your photo collection to paint a picture in your viewers’ minds of a rustic weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods by highlighting some pictures of your romantic fireplace and a bottle of wine nearby. Or maybe you’re target audience includes younger professionals looking to get dressed up and have a fun night out in a bustling and busy city. In that case, highlight the luxury toiletries and beauty products you offer in your bathroom. If your house is located in a prime outdoor activity location, photograph the shed of bikes, kayaks, and skis you own, and offer the use of your sports equipment and safety gear as part of the stay. Think about photographing an “experience,” not just a room.

6. Photograph the surrounding area.

While your actual home and rental space is the most important aspect of your photo gallery, don’t forget to include a few pictures of your neighborhood and local highlights. People love to see what is easily accessible from your home that they may wish to explore, so don’t forget to snap a few photos of your favorite local bar/café, or the beautiful rose garden around the block.

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