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Make the Most of your Airbnb Post: Extra Services to Offer Your Guests

When it comes to your Airbnb business, think about the actual rental of your property as your job, and consider selling your guests additional services as a monthly bonus. Most additional services are actually quite simple to arrange, and some don’t require any extra work on your part. Here are a handful of ideas to help you get started.

1. Guided Tours

Most tourists end up hiring some type of a tour company upon arriving in a new city to better understand the layout of the town and make sure they don’t miss out on any local must-dos and must-sees. Consider offering a guided tour for your guests as part of their stay. This will save them one additional thing to organize and research, and earn you a small commission rate. Less work for them + more income for you = everyone wins.

2. Bicycle Rental

Make it easy for your guests to get out and explore your town by offering bicycles (or mopeds/motorcycles) for rent. Transportation is always a tricky aspect of traveling for people to arrange and research. “Is there public transportation? Should we rent a car? Are there good restaurants nearby that we can walk to?” Take the stress out of your guests’ stay but charging them a flat rate per week or per day to use your bikes to explore the surrounding area. It’s strongly encouraged to include bike locks and helmets as well, as you want your guests to be safe!

3. Arrange Airport Pickup and Drop-Off

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, all travelers appreciate the convenience of a quick and effortless ride to and from the airport. Look into local transportation services, and offer to arrange rides for your guests for a price that is comparable to what they would pay on Uber or another car service. Include a small fee for your efforts.

4.  Additional Cleaning

If your guests have booked a multi-day stay, it is likely that the house will get a bit messy while they are there (despite the fact that you’ll have it spotless for them when they arrive). Make a bit of extra cash by offering additional cleaning services on either a daily or every-other-day schedule. Allow your guests the flexibility to choose if or when they’d like their space cleaned, and try to arrange cleaning to be done while they are gone for the day.

5. Concert/Event Tickets

Do your research and find fun, unique events happening in your area that your typical out-of-towner may not know about. Offer activity suggestions and tickets to your guests as an added service, make a bit of extra cash for the service, and blow your ratings out of the water by being the “amazing host who made our trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

6. Prepared Meals or Available Food

For a busy traveler, having a fully stocked kitchen/refrigerator or the option of freshly prepared meals can be a huge benefit. There are those who are willing to pay for the added convenience of food services, and something as simple as a small snack and coffee/tea bar could generate additional earnings for your listing. When scaling your offered prices, remember to take into consideration the time you will have spent both on grocery shopping and preparing the food, or the cost of outsourcing the service.

7. Laundry Services

Having basic laundry services available, or even offering to organize dry cleaning services can be a huge benefit to guests who are traveling for business. Remember that if you are able to accommodate travelers with similar amenities that they could find at a hotel, they will be more willing and likely to book with you.

8. Special Occasion Decorations

A lot of people use Airbnb as a means to celebrate a special occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or family reunions. Offer to put up occasion-specific decorations for your guests as an added personal touch. Charge guests both for the decorating supplies and the time you’ll spend decorating to get a little added income from your listing.

Be sure to add a short description of your available services on your Airbnb listing, highlighting the details of your services and encouraging your guests to inquire further with you about personal requests or any specifics they may wish to include. Keep prices reasonable, and remember that, just as you don’t want to oversell your property, you don’t want to oversell your services either. Keeping your prices competitive but offering special services that your competitors haven’t thought of will keep your property current and boost your ratings.

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