24/7 Airbnb Concierge Service

Airbnb Concierge Service

Our Airbnb concierge services are just another piece of the puzzle that help provide a perfect Airbnb experience. While our Airbnb concierge offers a handful of services, one of the most important elements of a concierge service is the interaction between our concierge and your guests. The key to every top-notch concierge service is their ability to empathize with each and every guest and their specific situation. More often than not, guests arrive at their destination jet-lagged, stressed, uncomfortable in a foreign place, or simply ready to enter “relaxation mode”. No matter the circumstances, we know it’s necessary to help customers ease into their Airbnb listing as smoothly as possible, and that’s where communication is of paramount importance and empathising with guests makes all the difference.

Our concierge staff understand the feelings of new guests, so we’re better equipped with ways in which to help and provide services that guests might not even know they need or want. Our Airbnb team supports our concierge around the clock with the resources they need to always provide exceptional service for your guests!
Sometimes guests need to be welcomed into their Airbnb accomodation after a delayed flight in the middle of the night. Sometimes guests want to have a conversation with someone who knows the surrounding area; either way, our concierge can fulfil your guests needs and will make them feel right at home right away!

Our Airbnb Concierge Service can be broken down into three main categories

Meet and Greet Key Exchange

We’ve heard some horror stories about missed flights and delayed arrivals that result in guests inability of checking into rooms, leaving them without a place to stay in an unfamiliar location. To ensure we avoid this situation we provide 24/7 meet and greet services for your guests. No matter the time they arrive, our concierge is available to meet guests, pass over the keys, and give them the Airbnb house manual for their new accommodation. Our concierge take guests on a tour of your Airbnb accommodation, communicating the amenities and answering any questions the newly arrived guests may have. Our concierge is available at all times to assist your valued guests!
Response time to guest inquiries can greatly affect your listing rank. We guarantee to respond to all initial inquiries within one hour, no matter what time of day or night. If your guest needs help at 2 a.m. we are only a phone call away, so you don’t have to worry about your guests’ quality of stay or harming your listing’s rank.

Airport Pickup and Drop-off

At competitive rates, our concierge provides pickup and drop off at whichever airport guests are flying into, at any time of the day. We offer luxury airport transportation options, like brand new Mercedes Benz and BMW models, to suit any occasion!

Key Safe Supply

By far the most streamlined approach to Airbnb check-in is the key safe. Airbnb Handsfree will supply and install a key safe for you. Upon check out of your guests our housekeeping service will ensure the keys are in the safe ready for the arrival of your next guest. Most important is ensuring that the guest has an entirely hassle free arrival to your home. The goal of our concierge service is to eliminate the possibility of experiencing trouble finding the key safe, getting the key, or feeling the anxieties of the key not being there. We ensure that upon all guest arrivals, keys are easily, yet safely accessible for guests. Not only do we present a solution to the fear or anxiety guests may feel, we also help Airbnb hosts rest assured knowing the security our Airbnb service provides.

Upon request, Airbnb Handsfree can supply and install a variety of key safes to suit your needs, no matter the size of your keys or the difficulties of installation. Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to! When we say “hands free”, we mean “hands free”! We’ve got it covered!

Hampers on Arrival

No, we aren’t talking about hampers for dirty laundry, but our Airbnb cleaning service does take care of that! After a long flight across time zones and oceans, a red-eye that leaves you in a foreign city in the middle of the night, or a perfect road trip down the coast to a beachside villa, we provide hampers to match the appetite of any and all guests. Our hamper packages range from a luxury and romance package with wines, cheeses, chocolates, and flowers to kid-friendly hampers with healthy snacks and beverages to fuel them up or settle them down after a day of travel. Some guests prefer a hamper loaded with breakfast essentials to ease them into their first morning at their Airbnb, while some prefer a hamper stocked with snacks in case they decide to stay in, relax, and chow down on yummy treats!! Want to treat your guest to something entirely different? We will custom build hampers to meet your needs and help you welcome your guest with open arms and a full belly! 

Our around-the-clock concierge packages offer a range of prices and services to fit every Airbnb listing. We stand behind each of our services, offering a 110% money back guarantee if you are unhappy with our services. See which one is right for you and your listing and enter into hands free Airbnb management right away!

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