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In the world of Airbnb management your listing is your number one selling tool. It really doesn’t matter how beautiful your house, how big your pool or how stunning your view, if your listing is poor you won’t get guests. It’s that simple. Our Airbnb setup service is here to help.

Getting bookings is a two-stage process, stage one is all about getting people to your site, attracting viewers in that instant when they are flicking through homes faster than you can blink… The second stage is converting, getting those that have been enticed to open your listing to commit to making a reservation.

This may sound daunting but worry not, through our Airbnb Listing Management Service we have spent years fine tuning this process and have honed our skills at crafting listings that are slick, attractive and interesting!! The average viewer scans 10 houses in 13 seconds, that means you have just over a second to capture the eye of your potential guest and get them to click on your page.

It’s your photos that will make or break that one very important click. Photos really are the cornerstone of your listing. They are the first impression your guest will have of your home and they need to really burst out of the page to ensure they are not the last!  High quality photos help get traffic to your site, but then how do you keep that traffic on your page and stop people from scanning a couple of images and moving on? General rule of thumb; the longer you can keep someone on your page the higher the rate of conversion. In other words, keep people on your page and they are more likely to book. The secret to keeping people on your page is CONTENT. Content is king when it comes to your Airbnb listing. At Airbnb Handfree our in-house writers will ensure your listing is gripping, informative and perfectly crafted to keep people on your page and maximise your conversions.

Writing all about your home and your neighbourhood is not only applicable to your listing, but also essential for your Guest Information Manual. This is a very important document, it usually sits on your coffee table and informs your guest about all the ins-and-outs of your neighbourhood, and the specifics of your home. Our Airbnb Listing Management Service will provide you with a personally crafted and professionally designed Guest Manual tailored to your home and your neighbourhood.

Our Airbnb Listing Management Service can be broken down into the following three categories:


We take our professional photography VERY seriously. Our success is your success and we know just how crucial the perfect photos are to your listing. It’s for this reason that we go the extra mile to ensure that every detail is accounted for. Getting the perfect photo really is a team effort. First our Airbnb cleaning service set the beds and lay the linen. After all nobody makes beds better than them. Then our in-house stylist sets the scene. With backgrounds in interior design and decorating our stylists have the hawk-eye. They set the scene perfectly for the shoot. They come armed with props to bring your place to life. They look at things like pillow angles and colour schemes and all the finer design details. Then comes the star of the show… our photographer. With all the design details taken care of our photographer has the space and time to think about angles, lighting and all those bits that will make your place burst off the page.

Airbnb listing

Our Airbnb listing management team of in-house writers know what it takes to make your listing stand out from the crowd. Our writers will spend the time it takes to research your neighbourhood and understand the best selling points of your home. You will have never heard your neighbourhood sound so attractive or your home so inviting! But we don’t go to it alone. We will sit down with you and discuss all the things that you feel make your place and your neighbourhood special and unique. In doing so you can be sure that we will not only cover the elements that we feel make your place amazing but all those that are important to you as well.

House manual

Your guest information manual is a very important piece of literature, for both the guest and the Airbnb property manager. This document has the potential to significantly enhance the enjoyment of  your guests stay. Our manuals are designed by our in-house graphic designer and written by our writers specifically for your home. Our Manuals contain all the important information your guest need to know about your home, from how to use your washing machine to where to find your iron. Aside from the particulates of your home our manuals also go into great detail, explaining all the important things your guest will need to know about your local area. How to catch public transport into the city, where to try for the best home delivery or who to call for a baby sitter. We have it covered. Rest assured your guest will have all the info they need to have a pleasant and informed stay.

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