Airbnb Cleaning Service

Airbnb cleaning service

Our Cleaning Service is the front face of our business, the tactile branch of our Airbnb cleaning company. It’s our number one point of physical interaction with both you and your guests. We learnt very early on, that in this industry you’re only as good as your housekeeping. It’s for this reason that we stop at nothing and spare no expense to ensure that we deliver only the absolute highest standard of Airbnb cleaning.

Our Airbnb cleaners are not your average cleaners, they are hospitalitarian extraordinaires, with backgrounds in hotel housekeeping and high-end hospitality. There is a shared passion amongst our staff for creating beautiful space and its this love of simplistic beauty, clean and perfect that will greet your guest the moment they arrive, allowing the Airbnb property manager to rest assured.

Our Airbnb housekeeping is much more than just cleaning. We are a one stop shop for everything you need to give your guests that hotel grade experience. From top quality linen to eco friendly consumables we go the extra mile for you and we do the same for the environment.

Our Housekeeping Service can be broken down into three main categories

Professional cleaning service

We believe our Airbnb Cleaning Service is what truly sets us apart from our competition. We REALLY-REALLY care about the quality of our service and go to great lengths to ensure that no finer detail is missed. We use lint rollers over your bedding to ensure not one hair is overlooked, all cleans are inspected by an area manager to ensure no stone goes unturned and we use proprietary software to assist our cleaners along the way (yes, we love technology!)

Once engaged our housekeeping manager will custom design a tailored checklist for your home, our check lists are not a generic long list of to-dos’ but a combination of text and interactive photos of all your rooms set up exactly the way you want. Our Housekeepers then cross reference these photos as soon as they arrive to ensure things are where they should be and can report any issues caused by the previous guest, they then use these photos to guide them through your home. So whether you want your toaster at 45 degrees from your kettle or your pillows at 30 degrees from your bed head, if you like the left lamp on or the right window left open, we guarantee that with our Airbnb Cleaning Service your home will look and feel exactly as you wish and as created by our Airbnb setup service!

But of course, there’s also the environment. We use all eco-friendly cleaning products so you can rest assured knowing that together we are treading lightly on this earth.

Linen Supply and change over

Linen is a major factor affecting guest comfort. That’s why our Airbnb linen service only uses high quality, hotel grade linen ensuring 100% guest satisfaction. All linen from bedding to hand towels, tea towels, bath mats, bath towels and face washers are catered for. We all know that feeling of wrapping up in a fluffy big white towel after a shower or jumping into crisp thick cosy sheets. These are the feelings we want your guest to enjoy.

Many in the Airbnb management industry are opting for triple sheeting (this is the process of doing away with a doona cover and instead sandwiching the doona between two sheets with a bottom sheet beneath) to save money, as doona covers are costly to launder. Our Airbnb Cleaning Service will save no expense to give your guest the best experience possible. Therefore, we do not triple sheet but supply a doona cover for every doona. So much comfier!!

The best linen in the world is pointless if it’s not used correctly. Believe it or not, there is quite a skill to making the perfect bed, we take great pride in our bed presentation and all our housekeeping staff are trained in hotel standard bed setting, so you can sleep easy knowing your guest is sleeping easy.

Restocking essentials

Consumables… These are the little things that make a big difference. Whether it’s waking up to a cup of coffee or soaping down after a long journey, what you offer your guest on arrival, although small in size make a huge difference to their stay. That’s why we don’t hold back. We start in the kitchen with something for everyone, including coffee, tea (both herbal and black) and hot chocolate (milk and sugar included of course). We ensure all bathroom bits are replenished, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body lotion and toilet paper. Lastly, we make sure washing up is a hassle-free affair with laundry powder, dishwashing powder, dishwashing liquid, clean sponges, wipes and bin liners.

But lets not forget our footprint! All our bathroom products are eco-friendly and sustainable and we only use Who Gives a Crap toilet paper, Who Gives a Crap make all their toilet paper from 100% environmentally friendly products and donate 50% of all their profits to help build toilets for those in need.

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