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Airbnb Handsfree furnishing and styling service

Whether your tenant has finally vacated or you have just purchased a new property, your home is empty and you are now only one step away from joining the Airbnb community.  No doubt it’s been a big journey to get this far. Congratulations, you’ve made it! It’s here and now you can finally relax, sit back and let Airbnb Handsfree take the wheel.

Furnishing a home is not a simple process, and certainly not everyone’s forte. Few people consider it their idea of fun! We understand this and aim to take all the hassle out of this next phase for you. Through years of experience we understand what styles work and what don’t. Our in-house Airbnb stylists are constantly revamping our furniture packages and will match your home with a style that is just right for you.

But we all know styling is the easy part. The hard part is working out what to buy, where to buy it and how on earth you are going to unpack, assemble and install everything in a short period of time and at a budget that suits your needs. Well, we have the answers.

We have tailor-made a variety of packages to ensure that you have everything you need at a price that is just right for you.

Airbnb home styling and package selection

The first stage to decking out your home and well before the Airbnb management even begins, is working out what you need. We have a range of packages that ensure you have all the bits required to make your guest feel right at home. Our Furniture packages cover all the obvious stuff, but we also don’t forget the final touches like the art work. Our Kitchen packages ensure your kitchen is fully equipped. Our Whitegoods and Electrical packages ensure no creature comfort is overlooked, while our Bedding Bundle includes pillows, doonas and mattress protectors. With Airbnb Handsfree, you never need to worry about the linen, because we supply hotel-grade clean and freshly laundered sheets, towels and tea towels as part of our housekeeping service.

Once we have established what packages you need we then determine your style and what will work best for you. After a review of your home, our stylist will get to work selecting the packages that will make you home shine.

A selection for every budget

Everyone’s needs are different and everyone wants different things from their home. We understand that for some furnishing the home is about making the space a comfy and refined place to relax and unwind, while for others the most important factor is the price tag. It’s for this reason that we have a variety of packages to suit a range of budgets. None of our packages compromise on style, but the cheaper the package the less luxurious and robust the furniture will be. Our budget packages use no-name electricals and white goods, cheaper kitchen wares and lower quality furnishings. As we move to the mid-range packages the furnishings are all of great quality, and the electrical and whitegoods are brands your guests will recognise. As you would expect, our high-end packages are excellent quality, with luxurious furnishings and high-end white goods, electricals and kitchen wares with brand names that set them apart. The choice is yours.

Delivery and installation

No, you don’t need to rush back from your holiday only to have to wait in an empty house for the delivery man who said he will arrive any time between 8am and 1pm. Yes, we do the waiting for you. What about getting rid of the 200 cubic meters of cardboard? Correct, we will do that as well. How about the nightmare job of assembling the flat packed bits and pieces? Not a worry – we have it covered.

In short, stay where you are, keep enjoying and wait for the photos to come rolling in of your house fully decked out and ready to host and ready for for our Airbnb property management service to kick in! Our dedicated team of installers will ensure everything is delivered, assembled, connected, commissioned and tested! Once we leave, your place will be ready for our specialist real estate photographer and soon enough for your first guest.

We know what a pain this process can be and we pride ourselves in making this as seamless, easy and hassle free as it possibly can be. Keep enjoying – go Handsfree!

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